Implemented the Database & Automation of Information Technology in the BCSIR

The main purpose of the project is to automate all the manual services which is done by Bangladesh Council Scientific & Industrial Research (BCSIR).All the services of the BCSIR are automated like HRM,library automation, inventory & stock management and many more. It is an One Stop Service (OSS) which offers stakeholders to get all the services they need in just one platform. This system has a management information system (MIS),which is a system consisting of hardware and software that serves as the backbone of the BCSIR services. An MIS gathers data from multiple online systems, analyzes the information, and reports data to aid in management decision-making.

Project Details:

This is a MIS application system where people can get online services and approval.All the services are automated like Human Resource Management System, Medical Service Management, Inventory and Stock Management, Asset Management and Library Automation System. The users get One Stop Service(OSS), many services are given from this service desk so that any user can get their required services from one place. There is a track system where one can check status of the application.The key features of these systems are Online Test report, Online Certificate, One stop service(OSS), 24 hour IT help desk support. In this system,Implemented door security (thumb and key-pad) system and CCTV security system including backup power management.