Hajj Guide Mobile Apps

This app is an android based mobile app named “Hajj Guide” is designed particularly for Bangladeshi pilgrims. Using the pilgrim tracking number they can login the app. Millions of Muslims from around the world gather annually in Mecca in anticipation of Haj. From Bangladesh, People also go for participating in their religious ritual, and because of a new place, it is easy to forget their ways, their residency, the street, and their companion anytime. Mainly this haj guide app is very helpful for not losing anything and a comprehensive guide for pilgrims.This haj guide puts together the instructions to help pilgrims and solve their problems over this blessed journey. This app creates pilgrim profile, provides haj related tips, emergency contacts, nearest Health Care Center location, current time of Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh and so many things.

Project Details:

The “Hajj Guide” app is enormously convenient for pilgrims to find out their desired places and circumstances. It contains directions of important places including Mina & Arafa Tent, Pilgrim Residence in KSA, Haram Sharif, Masjid-e- Nabawi, Jamarah, Historical Places, etc. This haj guide app contains some significant features like Pilgrim Profile, news, Hajj related necessary information and tips, Emergency contacts, Most next Health care Center Location map, Weather News of Makkah, Madinah and Dhaka, Current time of Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh, Prayer time, Mandatory & usual tasks for holy Haj. Besides these, all Surah in audio from the Holy Quran is given in Bangla, English, and the Arabic Language and a brief of the Historical Place of KSA. Most of the Hajis don't know their email address that why this app has the contact number based login system for feasibility.