Automation of Three Priority Processes- Import Permit, Export Permit & Sub-Contracting Permit at BEPZA

It is a workflow system where all enterprises can apply for online services. Workflow management systems are software systems that provide the infrastructure to arrange, track, control and coordinate the process. Export Permit (EP), import permit (IP), Subcontract permit (SCP) applications have been completed through this system.

Project Details: The system is supervised and also funded by IFC BICF. All enterprises of DEPZ can submit an online application for their Export Permit (EP), import permit (IP), Subcontract permit (SCP) and they can track the current status of their application online. The application approval process is also completed online and applying enterprises got their approval notification through the system & by mobile SMS notification.Customs and security gate also integrated with this system. There is a workflow management system for the approval of the submitted EP, IP and SCP at EPZ end. The system has searching, MIS Reporting and data migration options.